Microincisions are made near the vein cluster. A hook is then inserted through these incisions. The vein is grasped without visual guidance and gently brought out through the opening. One end of the varix is carefully teased out of the puncture site. Successive hemostats are applied to the varix as it is extracted from its original position.

This procedure is repeated along the course of the vein clusters.

Afterward, the puncture sites are covered with sterile dressings and wrapped with a soft gauze roll and bandage, followed by the application of high-pressure stockings.

The patient is safely discharged after ambulating without any complications.


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After phlebectomy:

After undergoing a phlebectomy procedure, patients typically do not experience any discomfort such as pain or bleeding. Post-operatively, they are advised to adhere to a prescribed regimen, which includes the use of antibiotic capsules and the consistent wearing of compression socks for a period of two weeks. These measures are integral to ensuring a successful outcome, with the anticipated result being a substantial improvement in the patient’s condition.